About Brandte Law PLLC

The mission of Brandte Law is to protect those who cannot effectively protect themselves and to promote fairness in the legal system.

Our focus on Elder Law and Estate Planning is to protect the rights, welfare and interests of people as they get older, and to preserve and honor their wishes in incapacity and death. Good estate planning can ensure that assets are quickly available to survivors. It can ensure that survivors are cared for and that assets are preserved and applied responsibly. Estate Planning can also reduce the opportunities and motives for elder abuse.

If elder abuse does occur, Brandte Law will be there to defend and protect the victim. After personally experiencing what can happen when family members place their trust in the wrong people, we will use every legal means available to obtain a result that is in the best interest of the client.

Brandte Law understands that the criminal justice system requires competent and vigorous representation of the accused to achieve justice. Effective Criminal Defense is critical to your protection. We stand ready to explain the process and your options. With you, we will prepare your defense and vigorously pursue the best possible outcome. Whether misdemeanor or felony, state or federal charge, we are there for you.

Brandte Law PLLC is a firm that cares. Our clients are important to us. We are ready to do what it takes and at reasonable fees.